Welcome! Glad you’re here.

Why create a new fed cattle and beef-focused website and is it worth your time to stop by?

Our intention is that The Beef be a place for frank talk about extreme market conditions and changing times in our industry, the reasons for them, and the possible strategies to adapt to survive. We intend to ask questions, and delve into market topics that might be considered controversial or even uncomfortable to discuss. If you’re not getting a fresh point of view on the market here, we are not doing our job.

We are in the midst of enormous changes: the ways cattle feeders and beef packers conduct business; questions about the current state of price discovery; escalating capital requirements to name a few. So we decided it was time to talk about them- often. Our goal in doing so is to gain some understanding which hopefully broadens thought processes and enhances decision-making.

The U.S. beef business epitomizes what’s best about self motivated, independent, resilient American businesses and goes to the very heart of capitalism. We may be in the midst of change, but that fact is one that does not need changing.

We hope to see you here often.